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Chief Behaviour Officer,

Author, TEDx Speaker

"Neil is superb at bridging the gap between behavioural science and real world application"

Nicola Dicks

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James Dunne

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"Neil has a real skill at turning people's behaviours into valuable insight"

Chris Budd

Founder & Organiser,

Financial Wellbeing Conference

"Neil's talk about the evolution of human behaviour was nothing short of brilliant"


Assume you've just found out you've won £5,000 on a lottery scratchcard. Congratulations!

However, the lottery company can only pay you the £5,000 in
12-months time. They are willing to pay you something today, but it needs to be less that £5,000. 

Would you accept a lower amount today to get your hands on some money, or would you wait for the 12-months to pass and collect the full amount?


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